effinity tech

Effinity Tech Inc. is a software consulting company specializing in Android mobile app development, Android development training and our own Android app Network Explorer.

Android App Development

We work with our clients to conceptualize their ideas into an app development strategy that delivers robust and user-friendly solutions perfectly aligned to their business goals and objectives.

Our agile development process begins with the development of user stories that capture descriptions of your app's features from the perspective of your targeted end-users.These user stories serve as the basis for development of project requirements that help everyone to organize their understanding of the project and its primary objectives. Once development begins we establish a continous feedback loop by providing early workable versions of the app that will help you to refine the design and capabilities throughout the lifetime of the project.

Android Development Training

We have developed courseware for Android software development training for both Kotlin and Java. We can develop a plan to meet your organization's specific needs.

Network Explorer

Network Explorer is a free and easy-to-use Android app that discovers Wi-Fi networks, devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, and available Bluetooth devices in close proximity.You can download it from Google Play Store. If your organization has specific requirements for network discovery we can create a customized version for the app to meet your needs.