Industries & Clients

Our partners and clients are International innovation companies and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) in the biosciences and chemical industries including:

materialsMaterials and Biomaterials

chemistryChemistry and Biochemistry
energyEnergy and Biofuels

Start from the Most value-added projects

The earlier our clients and partners employ DCT for their projects, the greater the rewards they will reap.  We encourage clients to start with those “most value added” projects and take full advantage of this powerful technology.

  • Very complex systems with a large number of parameters
  • New systems or processes in which scientists or engineers have only a little knowledge or experience
  • Projects with restricted timelines
  • Projects with expensive materials where the number of experiments has significant impact on the cost and profits
  • Projects with limited resources
  • Problems unresolved by the application of traditional methodologies

* very complex systems may require more than 10 experiments